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Holistic Wellness Inside and Out, and from the Roots Up + The Healing Market

Eve Schweichler graduated from IHN last fall, shortly after launching her all natural skin care line called Heal thy Roots. Both her studies at IHN and business ventures sprouted from a journey of self-healing and investigation of a lifelong allergy that would affect her skin. Passionate about everything to do with plants and nature, Eve also holds a certificate in Permaculture Design (PDC) which is a strategic system for working with needs and problems to create holistic solutions. Originally used as a holistic approach to make the most out of natural local resources, it can be applied to any scale, from villages and communities, to self-care and even business! This knowledge has inspired her to work with the gifts of nature to create health where it is lacking, and to treat health issues from its roots, not just on the surface. 

Since her childhood, Eve has always used and seeked natural solutions and remedies, and for lack of chemical-free skin care options in the market. About 5 years ago she started making her own body care products that could soothe her irritated and sensitive skin. By gifting and sharing her creations with friends, she noticed a large demand for simple and effective products. During her time at IHN, Eve did her Co-op hours with Sigrid Geddes from Sigrid Naturals, which inspired her to share her skills and products with the world. Eve participated in several markets since then, and collaborates with Lee’s Ghee – sourcing locally cultured butter from Ontario organic dairy farms - to educate the world about the importance of consuming healthy oils inside and out. Eve’s natural products are made of plant oils and butters and are easily absorbed through the skin carrying nutrients and herbal medicine, which is why organic and 100% natural are her first priorities. 

Heal Thy Roots products are currently available through her website, and at Alternative Thinking, Mindful Bodyworks and Bodhi Tree Yoga studio in Toronto. Eve will be launching her spring and summer line at the Healing Market on May 30th with fresh products such as natural sunscreen, bug repellant and refreshing tonics, as well as her luscious body butters, creams and lipbalms, which have been receiving a lot of positive feedback and praise. She also shares her love for whole, plant-based food and culinary skills at many events and workshops. Her next event is Holistic Higher-self on June 7, and is open to collaboration, education and consultations. 

Eve Schweichler | Heal Thy Roots | www.healthyroots.org / www.facebook.com/healthyroot | vi.schu@gmail.com  

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